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The world of private healthcare has become a more commercialised and competitive environment over recent years with the emergence of new secondary care providers, continual changes in legislation around legal and commercial frameworks and the dependence upon social media to research and review doctors and hospitals, coupled with the need to adapt to patients’ expectations and how they ‘buy’ their healthcare services. 


It can often be a multi-faced and complex journey but with an effective strategy behind the business, it can provide clarity and direction and help you better understand what actions need to be at the forefront of your business.

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Who We Serve

We serve a range of clients, providing a personalised, professional approach to each.

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Hospital Provider

You may be the CEO of a hospital provider, seeking business development support for a specific project or growth initiative. Hiring consultancy resources will offer your business greater flexibility around managing costs whilst providing the organisation with immediate expertise from a specialist familiar with service line growth, private hospital environment and doctor engagement.


Consultant Surgeon, Physician and Radiologist

Offering expert advice across all operational and business development aspects of the business from concept to creation and sustainable growth. Helping you get on with seeing your patients whilst we focus on taking your business to the next level.

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Private Clinic

You may be an independent clinic offering patients surgical, medical or nursing care services but have reached a crossroads with the direction you want to take the business next. We can help to develop a strategic road map maximising opportunities for growth, expansion and enhanced profitability. 


Private General Practitioner

Post pandemic has seen a marked rise in the requirement for access to private GP services.  In a competitive climate, you may wish to consider options to add to your service portfolio whilst retaining your loyal clients and attracting new business.

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Allied Health Professional

Demand for prehab, rehab and wellbeing are now at the forefront of patients minds. We can help you to develop niche areas of the business, increase patient footfall or look at opportunities to develop service level agreements to corporate clients.

Thinking About Working With Us ?

 To get started, simply schedule out some time to talk to us. We will discuss your individual needs and create a plan for your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

What We Do


Strategy and Planning

Offering integrated consulting solutions to identify opportunities, market access and provision of a comprehensive and structured road map, covering all elements of business development, sales planning and operational elements to successfully achieve your end goal.


Customer Engagement and Account Management

We support senior leadership teams to increase consultant satisfaction and retention in an ever competitive and challenging marketplace, whilst identifying commercial risks and solutions to deliver innovation and revenue growth.


Lead Generation

We use a targeted approach to help organisations and consultants build relationships with potential customer groups, to encourage referral opportunities and ultimately increase and sustain revenue.


Project Management

Flexible support for the planning and execution of specific projects and service line developments vital to growth and achievement of the organisations business plan objectives.

5 Star Review


 Tim Brawn

Strategy, Fundraising and Communications Director, Olbios

" Sue is one of those people who you instinctively know is a winner.

Sharp, focussed, highly personable with an amazing network, she is a superb new business winner.


We worked together at King Edward V11’s Hospital and she was an indispensable part of the team. People like her, which goes a long way in the vital new business world because she stands head and shoulders above others.


She is highly experienced and approaches every task with freshness and vigour "

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